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The New Deal Farm Security Administration in the Lower Mississippi Delta:
Reading the Photographic Record

Essays and Pictures chronicling the FSA efforts in the Lower Mississippi Delta


Legacy on the Land: New Deal Resettlement in the Mississippi Delta



Photo Galleries from FSAs


Trans Map.jpg
FSA Map.jpg

                             FSA Map

Map of SW Missouri, SE Arkansas, SW Mississippi, and NE Louisiana, with sites of several large FSA/RA project areas highlighted. Most of these were photographed by FSA photographers. Map compiled from GoogleEarth, 7-06

  • New Madrid, Missouri - LaForge Farms aka Southeast Missouri Farms

  • Hoxie, Arkansas - Clover Bend Project

  • Dyess, Arkansas - Dyess Colony

  • Pine Bluff, Arkansas - closest town to Lake Dick Cooperative

  • Sunflower, Mississippi - Sunflower Plantation Project

  • Mileston Project, Mississippi
    Lake Providence, Louisiana - Transylvania Project, Lakeview Project

  • Thomastown, Louisiana - LaDelta Project

                                        Map of Transylvania

Map of SE Arkansas, SW Mississippi, and NE Louisiana, with Transylvania and associated FSA project areas highlighted. Map compiled from MapQuest, 7-02-06

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